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Beach Time

Posted: 11-22-2017

Perfect weather at the beach in November

When the weather starts to get cooler in the Carolina's it is time to head to the beach. Out of the "Big 3" Campgrounds at Myrtle Beach our favorite is Ocean Lakes Family Campground. With the popularity of RV'ing growing and our new motorhome being 44 feet it is a little harder to get a reservation without booking way ahead of time. Ocean Lakes has a lot of amenities to offer and an option that "mom" loves, a concrete pad campsite to help keep the sand outside. There are also several different events throughout the year. We have attended, the Polar Bear Plunge as spectators, one of the many Halloween weekends, as well as been a participant in their Craft Festival.

Our campsite, Section 3000

A couple of nights a week they hold BINGO in the Recreation Center @ 7pm. This is a free activity and they play 10 rounds of BINGO. The last round is called "Loser Bingo". Everyone stands up, if the number called is on your BINGO card you sit down. The last person standing is the winner. Since the trip was in November the prize for the Loser Bingo round was a frozen turkey. We have never won anything at BINGO until now.....a 14lb turkey in an RV freezer, hmmmm???

A family favorite is the campground "game room". Adam loves to play "skee ball" and Alyssa and Rich are VERY competitive at "Air Hockey".

Wonder who has 3 points ?

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