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Mountain Time

Posted: 05-25-2018

Sunset view from our campsite

It has been several years since we have stayed at Mama Gerties Hideaway Campground in Swannanoa, NC. The last time we stayed there the upper portion of the campground was still under construction so this time we thought we would check it out. Wow, the views are amazing. The road up to and down from the upper portion is a little nerve wracking but definitely doable, just go here to watch a dash cam video of our motorhome driving down the road.

Our Campsite #29

A time lapse of the morning clouds moving over the mountains.

Night-time campfire

The evenings were cool enough to enjoy a campfire. Adam enjoys keeping the fire going.

High Falls Trail

The weather wasn't the best during this trip but we did manage to find a day to visit Dupont State Park. In fact, after our stay at Mama Gerties we were supposed to head over to Chattanooga, TN but with Tropical Storm Alberto heading our way, we decided it was best to head back home.

High Falls Trail

The High Falls Trail is a 1.2 round trip, moderate hike, well worth the effort to see this beautiful waterfall.

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