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Too much water!

Posted: 10-14-2018

Visit #3 to Fries New River Trail RV thing always sticks in my mind about each trip and for this one it was "water" but we will get to that later. We had a small rain storm roll through right after we arrived but by the next day we were off bike riding on the New River Trail. Not knowing how well Adam would do with bike riding (he had not rode his bicycle since he starting having seizures in 2014) we drove our car with bikes on our rack to the Gambetta parking area. From that point to Fries Junction is approx. 2.5 miles, pretty easy riding, slight incline coming back. Along this route we rode through a tunnel and over a train trestle....remember the New River Trail is a "rails to trail" bike path so the old tunnels and trestle are still there from the train days.

Train Trestle just before Fries Junction

View of what used to be a small peaceful stream and the neighboring church parking lot

After a day of fun bike riding the weather went down hill. Then once Hurricane Matthew made its way to Fries, VA as Tropical Depression Matthew and dumped inches and inches of rain for the next day and a half. We have never experience "flash flooding" until this trip. The once small, peaceful creek that runs through the campground became this wide rushing river which eventually crossed the campground road and flooded the local church parking lot.

A view of what used to be a small, narrow peaceful stream rising over the campground road

Bottom line...thanks to the perfect design of the campground, everyone and every RV stayed safe.

Willow tree near the stream couldn't handle the fast moving water

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