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Our 1st FMCA Rally

Posted: 03-17-2019

Beautiful sunset in Perry, GA

We finally did it....we attended our first FMCA Rally in Perry, GA. Besides this being our first rally, it was our first time boon-docking. Prior to the trip we did lots of reading, installed 8 solar panels of 180 watts each, got our Gen Turi tube for the generator, planned easy meals but we were still unsure how we would do with fresh and waste water for 5 days with three people. Keep reading to find out if we made it with our purchasing a water or a pump out :)

Ariel view of the fairgrounds

The rally was a bit over whelming, though from talking to others, the first visit to a rally usually is. We attended several seminars, lots to learn at these rallies. We met with lots of vendors, met lots of fellow campers and spent way too much money in the Vendor Hall. OMG, it is endless as to what you can modify or add to an RV. We had a short list of things we were interested in purchasing but that list grew each time we went in the Vendor Hall :) We ended up buying a Vista Shade, a new Road Master tow bar (that wasn't in the original plan), ordered a Magna Shade for the windshield & driver's window, picked up our order from Summit Stainless, and had 2 Micro-Air Easy Starts install on two of the three A/C units. Can't keep going to these rallies, those Vendor Halls are dangerous. For those of you who kept reading to find out if we survived our first boon-docking experience...we did, with water to spare. We probably went into over drive on the conserving of water but we made it for 5 days with three people and did not have to purchase water or have the waste system pumped. Not bad for our first time.

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