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Cross Country Trip #3 - Days 4 & 5

Posted: 10-07-2019

Britten Tower in Groom, TX

Our 4th day of driving has us on I-40 in Texas with so many cool things to see from the interstate. Britten Tower is a decorative item along historic U.S. Route 66. Sometimes called the Leaning Tower of Texas, the tower was a functioning water tower that was scheduled for demolition until Ralph Britten purchased and moved it to serve as an advertisement for his truck stop. Though the truck stop is no longer in business the tower remains an attraction for those traveling I-40.

Wind Turbines along I-40 in Texas

It is always neat to see the MANY wind turbines in Texas. Fun facts, the wind turbines used on wind farms (like in the picture) use three blades. The blades can be up to 131 feet long and the towers can be up to 300 feet tall. The tips of the blades can move at up to 200 miles per hour if the winds are high enough.

Our 4th overnight stay was at Fort Amarillo RV Park in Amarillo, TX. We were disappointed in the RV have to cross two lanes of traffic to get into the park and the cross over was very uneven ground, easy to ground out if you don't take it slow. The entrance area was tight and the interior roads are dirt with some gravel and many pot holes. Areas of the RV park were really nice, a small garden area, a playground and other amenities but we could not consider this a "big rig friendly" park we could only give it a "big rig doable" park...and in our case, only doable if Rich was driving :)

Welcome to New Mexico

Day #5 finds us entering New Mexico. The scenery is definitely looking like out west, so much open land.

We could see Tucumcari Mountain, once know as Tucumcari Peak from I-40. The mountain has a famous flat top which makes it stand out from the others. It is on our "bucket list" to visit the city of Tucumcari some day to explore the remains of Historic Route 66. We ended Day #5 at Santa Fe Skies RV Park.

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