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Cross Country Trip #3 Day 8

Posted: 10-10-2019

Dawn Patrol waiting for the clear to launch, which never happened :(

Our first full day at the Balloon Fiesta and it started at 4am. The schedule for today starts with the Dawn Patrol at 6am, followed by the Special Shape Rodeo at 7am. Unfamiliar with Dawn Patrol? Every morning of the Fiesta, a select handful of experienced balloonist launch from the field, in the dark, before the sun is up, to see what the wind conditions are. If the winds at ground level are more than 8mph the Dawn Patrol does not launch. Well, after getting up at 4am, convincing Adam that this was a good thing to do :), walking a 1/2 mile to the launch field and then several hundred feet onto the field in total darkness and a cold breeze, Dawn Patrol was grounded. So there we were, a little chilly, in the dark and nothing to do except wait almost an hour to see if the sun rising would cause the winds to die down. Needless to say, Adam was less than thrilled and probably thought his parents were totally nuts for dragging him out of a nice warm bed to stand in the dark and chilly air.

Well the sun rose but the winds continued to increase so all morning activities were canceled, it was not safe for balloons to launch - thanks Mother Nature. Since today was supposed to be the Special Shapes Rodeo and all the special shape balloonists were there, they were given permission to inflate staying tethered to the ground and in most cases their trucks for extra safety.

Of course we have to include a picture of the Wells Fargo balloon. Unfortunately we missed the Wells Fargo Wagon. We were at the far end of the launch field and spotted the inflated Wells Fargo Wagon but by the time we worked our way through the crowds to the other end they took it down. Hopefully we will catch it another day.

Well, as of the time of writing this blog, the chance of seeing any balloon events tonight is less than 2%, Mother Nature just keeps increasing the winds and dropping those temperatures. This morning it was 50 degrees and we were chilly, tomorrows forecast 29 degrees, oh boy!!!!!

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